During my fieldwork among Japanese-Brazilian Christian communities in Toyota, Japan, between 2013 and 2014, I shot hours of footage with the generous cooperation of my informants and friends there. So far, I have been able to edit one short ethnographic film, entitled In Leila’s Room. It has been selected for screening at the Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) Film & Media Festival in Minneapolis, MN, in 2016.

I am still in the process of editing the remaining footage, from which I intend to produce a feature-length ethnographic film that I will eventually share with the community of people in Japan who kindly let me film them.

My long-term goal is to grow as a visual methodologist and public anthropologist through these visual works, which non-academic audiences, including my informants, generally find more accessible than scholarly writing.

In Leila’s Room (2016)

20 minutes. Portuguese and Japanese with English subtitle. Shot and edited by Suma Ikeuchi.