Michigan podcast photo

2021. Michigan Talks Japan Podcast. Season 2, Episode 2 | Suma Ikeuchi. Access Here.

2020. New Books Network Podcast. Jesus Loves Japan (Stanford University Press 2019). Access Here.


2020. “An Award of Distinction. Suma Ikeuchi is first UCSB scholar to win Hsu Prize for best book in anthropology of East Asia.” The Current. Access Here.

2019. “Why charismatic Christianity is popular with migrants.” The Economist. Access Here.

The article discusses my work on Pentecostalism among the Brazilian migrants in Japan.

Blog Posts

2016. “Why Do They Touch the Phallus? Or, Diverging Theories of Ritual.” Studying Religion in Culture Blog. Access Here.

2016. “Messing Up at Starbucks, or the Ritual Order of Choice.” Studying Religion in Culture Blog. Access Here.